CONTACT and Rules

Monmouth car boot rules.

When we reopen after the virus we will be asking all buyers to stay on the outside of sellers stalls and away from their cars at all times.

We ask that you try to keep a sensible distance from others at all times.


You cannot set up until 11am so if you arrive early you will have a long wait. Please park where you are directed by our staff. If there are no staff visible please park sensibly next to another booter and in line. Please do not try to trade or set up before 11. Sellers with items like fruit and veg, food vans, plants and other such items can set up early by arrangement with the staff on the field.
The best time to arrive is around 10am, this allows you to have a nice breakfast and ensure everything is packed into your car or van before you leave home. You may leave your cars unattended once parked up but please ensure you return to set up at 11. If you missed your home cooked breakfast there are several options to buy food and drinks on the car boot site.
We start at 11 so that hopefully most sellers will be leaving around the same time meaning the boot remains more attractive to buyers as there is more to see throughout the day.
It is not possible for buyers to be at everyone’s car at the same time so setting up should never be an issue. If you have any concerns about your valuable items we suggest you either bring someone with you to keep watch or put them out last so you can keep an eye on them.
Cars are £8 and vans from £12. If you have any doubts about what you may have to pay please call 07711 905510 or ask at the gate as you drive in. Selling space is normally maximum the length of your vehicle. Prices are per vehicle only you cannot bring 2 cars and use 1 table. Trailers and horseboxes will be charged as a van.
If on the day you attend you have any concerns or problems with anything at all please call 07711 905510 while you are on the field and the owner will come and deal with you directly.


Please park sensibly.
There is always plenty of space for you to park. Dogs are allowed but please keep them on a short lead and clean up after them. Do not leave dogs unattended or in your vehicle under any circumstances.
Disabled parking can be found near the entrance gate although due to field conditions on the day and if we are busy you may have to walk a little further than ideal. If you use a wheelchair please remember we are on a field so therefore it will be a bit bumpy in places and at certain times of year the grass may be longer than ideal. If you are more able than some badge holders please try to leave room for those that might be less mobile.

Please do not try to purchase items before 11 am.

Please do not hassle sellers as they set up or you may upset them and miss a bargain.

Sellers and buyers.

PLEASE take any rubbish home with you especially things like dirty nappies which are a health hazard when left behind. One of the reasons we can keep the parking free and the rents low is because we do not employ a clean-up team and Paul does it himself.

Please have fun; we try our best to run a fun profitable car boot for all.
Contact 07711 905510 or email me direct @